Thing 13…Online Conference

I attended Everything Apps for the K12 Educator, presented by Naomi Harm. It was great! The theme revolved around presenting different iPad apps that are free or low-cost, that can enhance classroom learning and productivity. She spoke a lot about “constructive play,” which means taking time to explore, review, and evaluate apps to use in teaching. She had various different categories, and highlighted the top apps in each. I really appreciated the Storytelling category the best. I already downloaded Blurb, inClass, Sock Puppets, and Demibooks to use right away. I will be exploring more, or creatively playing, later since I jotted down the names of many more that seemed interesting to me. This session was fabulous!

Anyway, I think online “anytime” learning is great for professional development. I actually taught online with Georgia Virtual School for three years, and all of our department meetings were online. If you couldn’t attend live, you were to watch the recording later. The same went for students who couldn’t attend the weekly live practice session. They would watch the recording, and complete an assessment that would basically prove that they sat through the whole thing. I like watching a recording, because I can pause or go back during certain parts that I want to see again. I also like attending conference online in real time, because in a big group you can post a question and it will eventually get answered! With online and hybrid education becoming the norm, I think this will be something we see more and more for professional development options.

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