Thing 4…my thoughts on reading and writing blogs

The genre of blog writing is more relaxed, and more freeform than the writings of professional news organizations. To me, it seems like I am reading something from a friend. I almost hear that person telling me a story, and I feel included in the conversation. The language used is less polished, like Dan Meyer’s use of “halfassedly,” which I am pretty sure is not a word! The articles that I read online from the NY Times, for example, are more professional.

At the same time, blogs are a way to share information, just like many other online sources. A professional news article from a site like also allows readers to post comments. I read a lot of news online, and I almost always read the comments. There are a lot of trolls, who are people that say things just to get others upset. People also can be very negative and rude, because the anonymity of the Internet gives them a forum to say things they would probably not if they were in a face-to-face situation. So you have to read a lot of comments and be able to sort through the ones worth reading.  When I read the news online, I am of course drawn to articles that relate to my interests, beliefs, etc. Sometimes the comments with a dissenting view can help give me a balanced perspective on different issues.

Blogging is a just great tool to facilitate learning. If used in the classroom setting, it is a way to set up a dialogue between the teachers and students, and students to their peers. It puts the teacher in the position as a facilitator, instead of the dictator of information. As a life-long learner, blogging and reading blogs helps me to connect with more people and more ideas. Through this exercise, I enjoyed reading the blogs of others. My favorite was the Myth of the Digital Native. This is an issue I deal with all the time! I have 8th graders who I assume to be digital natives and proficient in basic technology, but they can’t even do simple tasks like figure out how to get an image to move around on a Word document!

2 thoughts on “Thing 4…my thoughts on reading and writing blogs

  1. “The language used is less polished, like Dan Meyer’s use of ‘halfassedly,’ which I am pretty sure is not a word!”

    Right you are!

    • I loved your post though. I give homework, but it is very minimal, and I think your justification for not giving it is right on for your teaching style and classroom.

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